UPDATE: Thursday 19th May 2022

Due to the current global Semiconductor Supply Constraint issue affecting technology supply chain, please be aware that some orders may experience extended ETA.

Please note status of SKUs highlighted below.
Anything that’s NOT included in the below table can be assumed to be in stock at the moment.
Dates refer to when the majority of booked orders will release.

*For SKUs listed as blank – no incoming stock confirmed.
Orders that are unscheduled will reflect 999 days until supply is available to reserve for the order.  

A Note from Cisco:
Unfortunately our stock is fluctuating as is the case across the industry. A recent Gartner report highlighted Cisco as having the top supply chain in the current climate, but I understand this acts as little comfort in these situations when things suddenly change.

We are currently operating on a first in first out ordering/shipping process to do things in the fairest way we can. This means that stock can be depleted by other orders ahead in the queue and unfortunately this will affect lead times for those after. Our inventory can only provide a snapshot at that time and we have stressed continually to partners and our Distribution partners that we cannot guarantee any lead times, and that these are subject to change. I apologise for the inconvenience that this causes you and the customer and am grateful for your support in this.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss alternative options should any item be unavailable.

SKU Estimated Lead Time (calendar days) if booked this week
MG21-HW-WW 100
MG21E-HW-WW 180
MG41-HW 125
MG41E-HW 125
MR20-HW 95
MR30H-HW 95
MR36H-HW 85
MR36-HW 130
MR44-HW 155
MR46-HW 130
MR46E-HW 120
MR56-HW 130
MR57-HW 130
MR70-HW 65
MR76-HW 190
MR86-HW 215
MS120-24-HW 120
MS120-24P-HW 185
MS120-48FP-HW 95
MS120-48LP-HW 85
MS120-8FP-HW 125
MS120-8LP-HW 90
MS125-24-HW 210
MS125-24P-HW 95
MS125-48-HW 65
MS125-48FP-HW 125
MS125-48LP-HW 195
MS210-48FP-HW 185
MS210-48LP-HW 85
MS225-24P-HW 18
MS225-48FP-HW 100
MS250-48LP-HW 35
MS350-48FP-HW 195
MS355-48X-HW 160
MS355-48X2-HW 160
MS390-24-HW 126
MS390-24P-HW 126
MS390-24U-HW 126
MS390-24UX-HW 126
MS390-48-HW 126
MS390-48P-HW 126
MS390-48U-HW 126
MS390-48UX-HW 126
MS390-48UX2-HW 126
MS410-16-HW 125
MV12N-HW 175
MV12W-HW 135
MV12WE-HW 170
MV2-HW 115
MV22-HW 215
MV22X-HW 235
MV32-HW 155
MV72-HW 135
MV72X-HW 235
MV52-HW 60
MX64-HW 165
MX64W-HW 75
MX67-HW 225
MX67C-HW-WW 245
MX67W-HW 220
MX68-HW 130
MX68W-HW 75
MX75-HW 245
MX85-HW 250
MX95-HW 85
MX105-HW 85
Z3-HW 130
Z3C-HW-WW 35
MT12-HW 75
MA-ANT-3-A5 10
MA-ANT-3-D6 4
MA-ANT-3-F6 6
MA-CBL-100G-3M 28
MA-CBL-40G-1M 38
MA-CBL-40G-50CM 35
MA-INJ-4 125
MA-MOD-8X10G 295

To confirm, Cisco Meraki Partners and resellers are not allowed to keep Cisco Meraki stock, each order is placed with and shipped directly from Cisco Meraki.