Optus Selects Cisco For Immersive Store Experience

Optus announced a new phase of its partnership with Cisco which reflects Optus’ unwavering commitment to innovating customer experience across all aspects of its services.

At the core of this partnership lies Cisco’s cutting-edge Meraki platform, a network solution that enables Optus to deliver a more efficient, engaging, and agile shopping experience.

Optus stores are an exciting environment for customers to discover a new retailing experience and enjoy state-of-the-art gaming and entertainment, explore health and fitness and home security solutions.

The enhanced network solution allows Optus to provide an experiential shopping journey that showcases the best the Living Network, SubHub and Smart Spaces have to offer.

We are committed to powering optimism with options, and the increased network capacity which Meraki brings to Optus stores will provide customers with the opportunity to see and compare more devices than before.

The Cisco partnership enables retail employees to deliver a better shopping experience by allowing transactions and offers anywhere in the store, rather than just from a traditional shop counter.

Frances Martin, Vice President Operations and Enablement at Optus, said, “The integration of Cisco Meraki into store operations allows us to provide a seamless and personalised experience for customers, reaffirming our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

“Optus has partnered with Cisco because we know having the right technology underpins a magical in-store experience for customers. Meraki allows our team members to show our features and customers to engage with them directly – this is so much more powerful than just describing what an offering can do, and it’s now possible right there in-store.”

Optus teams can push necessary updates with just a few clicks in the cloud-based Meraki portal. What previously took months can now be accomplished in minutes, signifying a major leap forward in operational agility.

This innovation is part of Optus’ vision to become Australia’s Most Loved Everyday brand with lasting customer relationships as we reimagine how we add value to the lives of our customers, their homes and their businesses.

Karen Negus, Managing Director ANZ Service Provider Organisation at Cisco, said, “Cisco is thrilled to be partnering with Optus on such an exciting retail experience.

“Cisco Meraki provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based applications that will empower the Optus team to implement updates swiftly. Together, we are ensuring customers enjoy seamless connectivity and exceptional service”.

The rollout has gone live across 74 stores, with plans for upgrades at Optus’ other retail locations across Australia coming soon.

Optus and Cisco’s joint efforts are set to redefine the standard for an immersive customer experience.