Cloud-Managed Switching for Branch and Small Campus
Cisco Meraki MS Stackable Switches feature virtual stacking – an industry first – allowing management of thousands of switch ports as one, without requiring a physical connection between switches. Quickly and easily find and configure switch ports across your entire network, even those in geographically-distributed locations. Easily configure ports for access devices, assign voice VLANs, control PoE, and more, with a few simple clicks and without complex CLI instructions.

The Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking architecture enables Plug and Play branch deployments and provides centralized visibility and control across any number of distributed locations. The Cisco Meraki MS is the industry’s cloud managed switch, combining the benefits of cloud-based centralized management with a powerful, reliable access platform. With cloud management, thousands of switch ports can be configured and monitored instantly, over the web. Provision remote sites without on-site IT, deploy network-wide configuration changes, and easily manage campus and distributed networks without training or dedicated staff.

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MS210 Series (2)

MS225 Series (3)

MS250 Series (5)

MS350 Series (10)

MS390 Series (2)