Dear Customer,

Cisco has guaranteed that their shipments will be made as normal so that UK customers experience no difference in service level or pricing.

Cisco will act as the importer to the UK meaning that no extra documentation will be needed from our customers or End Users.

Cisco also confirmed that they will be covering the tax/duty in all shipments post-Brexit, meaning that no extra cost will occur to you for Cisco/Meraki orders, whether in UK or EU.

For any orders placed and shipped before ~21st January 2021 we have encountered a number of unexplained shipping delays of physical products. We have and will continue to actively pursue any delayed orders on our customers’ behalf with Cisco and UPS.

In a small number of cases, goods have been held at the UPS Warehouse due to border and import fee issues. To ensure that our customer are able to receive shipments in reasonable time we are working with Cisco to place additional backup orders, where possible, at no cost to customers.

Please note that NEW Cisco Direct hardware shipments to UK (all Cisco Meraki**) are now shipping normally. We are advising customers to please expect an extra day or two at the border (at least initially).

Licenses are shipping as normal via email – with some slight delays in email delivery.

**(does not apply to Meraki Go)